Nice things that people say about us


Michael’s happy school!

He’s looking forward to his party with his friends tomorrow!

Lucia (“Chispi”)

Thanks to my teachers of Jardín Seghers for their work and dedication.

Villanueva Family

Dolly, thanks so much for your caring and vocation, converted into a smile every day, in words of encouragement and affection.

We have been very lucky to have you as a guide for our “little treasure”.

Thank you for your nice work and dedication.

And wherever we go we will never ever forget you and will always keep you in our hearts.

I love you, teacher.


I love you, Yolanda, thank you for your youth, eagerness to work, to teach, to entertain, to transmit.

For me you have been more than just a teacher because the affection I have for you I will never forget.

And my parents will always remind me this, of that I’m sure.

Congratulations for being so special.

I’ll miss you very much.


Yolanda, thanks for helping me in my first steps in life and giving me so much love and affection.


Thanks Miss “big” Irene for your eternal smile, friendliness, kindness and dedication.

Although I have not been able to share with you much time as a student I will always remember you with great joy.

Lots of kisses for you


To my teacher “big” Irene, thanks for all you did for me, everything she taught me and all the love she gave me, I will always remember her fondly.


It’s the best nursery that may exist in the whole area, my children are happy there, the treatment by all the teachers is great, the hours are the most flexible, the cook is fantastic, it’s all love and affection for the little ones.

Congratulations to the team!



I wanted to thank all the staff of the school, as they are doing a great job with all the kids.

For this and for everything, my heartfelt thanks.


I love it… For the treatment of the kids, they are all lovable.

Moreover, the teachers are extraordinary.

And the good food for the little ones…

Congratulations to all the team …



Easily the best nursery and pre-school in Estepona and the Costa del Sol.

My children love it there, the teachers are amazing and the wonderful facilities.

Congratulations, teachers!


They were wonderful years for my son and for me, for the love, care, comfort, safety that you gave my son and me.

Diego, Eli, Alejandra and Alicia

Thank you for how well you have behaved, for the affection you give us and how professional you are.

As you can see in the pictures of the sisters, as they are called here, they have always felt  super good in your nursery.

Many kisses and thanks for everything.  See you again.

Sarah and Helena

We have no words to describe the immense gratitude and affection that we have for you.   You have cared, educated, guided and trained our two treasures with such care and love that now you will always be part of our family.

In Sarah one can already begin to see the fruits of the seed you have planted, and she has now turned into a lady.

Thank You. And Helena, who has given us all so many frights, we especially wish to thank you for your love and readiness to attend to her at those moments, thanks.

Our little girl is today graduating from your hand, with everything she needs to start her next stage in life.

The seed is planted.

We give our most sincere congratulations for your good work and dedication. Thank You.

Africa and mami Pilar

Your work with children is second to none and the atmosphere of love and joy that is breathed there, a delight.

Thanks for making so “easy” something so difficult and hard for many of us: “delegate the care of a child to others.”

Africa couldn’t be happier at school, which makes me immensely happy, too.

A hug with all our love.

Carmen and Carolina

Dear Gardeners:

Thanks for ….

  • for taking an active interest, attention and illusion in our two flowers, Carmen and Carolina.
  • for instilling values, respect and education in their hearts, with tenderness and understanding.
  • for watering every day the life of my small ones, with smiles, kisses and a million hugs.
  • for the waiting, perseverance and patience to see the blossoming of those valuable lessons you have given them.
  • for ever bringing them closer to the light … which will illuminate their future days and make their way easier.

To all of the planters of this garden, we THANK you heartily, we love you very much.

Rafa and María Bracero Vera

With all our love for the Great Family of Jardín Seghers.

For having looked after, taught and educated us at the same time as our parents.

Belén, Alvaro and Alejandra

Thank you for such beautiful years, we love you from all our hearts.

Ella and family

Dear “big” Irene, we would like to thank you for your loving concern and the reception that you gave her.

We left your place with a big heartache and now we have to face life’s challenges.

With your help we are prepared for whatever may come.

We shall often remember the nice time we spent with you.

A hug for you.

Pablo and his parents

Dear “Big” Irene, thanks a lot for all you have done for Pablo.

We hope that his new teacher will be as patient and affectionate as you are, and that she will be as hard-working and conscientious.

A big hug for you.

Lucas, Begoña and Graham

Dear “big” Irene, the whole family would like to thank you for these two years you have spent with Lucas.

Thank you for your dedication and care and for being such a great teacher who neither the children nor their parents will never forget.

You always give the best of yourself, that’s why we shall remember you. ALWAYS.

We love you.

Ruben and Cristina

Every day when your child leaves home, you expect he has a person beside him to love and take care of him.

Ruben had that person, you! You are a beautiful person and everything you do comes from the heart.

We are very sad to leave, and we wait for your visit with all your family, you are always welcome in our home.

We want to thank you very much from our heart for these two years with Ruben.

Lots of kisses.

Leo & Itzy

One Owl night I left Leo hugging you tightly and I realized that if my son gave so much love it was because he had received it before.

THANK YOU for your work, with affection, you’re fantastic.

WE LOVE you, Dolly.

Villanueva Family

Dolly, thanks for so much your caring and vocation, converted into a smile every day, in words of encouragement and affection.

We have been very lucky to have you as a guide for our “little treasure”.

Thank you for your nice work and dedication.

And wherever we go we will never ever forget you and will always keep you in our hearts.

I love you, teacher.


Dear Irene and Dolly, thank you very much for having looked after me and given me so much love!!!

Thanks to you I have learned many things and I had a great and happy time. I will miss you, but I will visit you again. I love you very much!

Thank you for everything you have given to Luna.

We shall always remember you fondly. A giant kiss.

Caralt family

I don’t know where to start, there are so many things that I would like to tell you but would not be able to express on this sheet.

We are going to miss you so much and how lucky we have been to have you, first with Alvarete, and then with your “Chispy”.

They adore you.


Dear Dolly, we want to thank you for all your effort and dedication during the course.

It has been many hours spent on children and the school. Together, together, we have seen Hugo grow happy, acquiring new knowledge but, above all, learning good habits and fundamental values ​​such as respect and friendship. We are aware of the effort of educating so many children, and of doing so with joy and enthusiasm.

We have heard Hugo talking about his friends, his teachers, Túo, … we have sought ideas for his costumes, for the parties, feeling part of his “World School” and for the large family Escuela Jardín Segher School represents.

For all this and for helping us in the task of educating our son, always with a smile… Thanks.



Dear Barbara, I’ve spent with you this last stage before opening my wings and flying away from this place I feel like my second home.

Thanks for preparing me for the new world that awaits me, for the love you have given me and the songs you’ve put me on so that I could dance 🙂